Question by Flo: What really is the top lead generation service to find IT selection machines?
I have also been studying many lead generation services which provide information found in the selection machines for the Information Technology sections at large US businesses. I looked at idexec and hoovers as well as dont have e-mail contact info and much of there information is reachable on-line or Yahoo Finance. Is there any greater ones available which focus on INFORMATION technology selection machines?

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Response by Jay
Hint: If you’re not IT savvy enough to recognize that you posted this in the wrong section (government and politics), then I am not sure you are likely to be successful in getting hired.

In any case, my guide will be to take into consideration business specific lead generation lists/services. In the event your firm does not have a focus location (either perpendicular or horizontal), you’re not going to be able to receive reasonably much, if you receive leads.

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