Has there ever been one in MLM who made enough selling before ever recruiting?

Question by Marcello: Has there ever been 1 in MLM who prepared enough promotion before ever recruiting?
I love to hear from anyone in MLM / Network Marketing which has ever available enough of the products or services to make a great full time living (state at smallest $ 50k/year in gains) before ever recruiting somebody into their down line.


Is there any viability to MLM marketing?

Question by 52donnie: Is there any viability to MLM marketing?
I believe in the concept of MLM marketing but in my search of MLM companies I find that the products are either a bunch of garbage or they are overpriced from the point of origin. An MLM company will charge a distributor a so-called wholesale price for a product when in fact the price is higher than it should ever be at the retail level.
Is there a genuine MLM company that has a product that isn’t overpriced at it’s point of origin,–a product that can be demonstrated to others?