How is affiliate marketing? Is it another smoke screen to sell useless guides to desperate people?

{Question|Enquiry|Query|Main question|Primary question|Worry} by myportraitdrawing: How is {affiliate marketing|online marketing|internet affiliate marketing|affiliate marketing online|affiliate internet marketing|internet online affiliate marketing}? {Is it|Can it be|Could it be|Might it be|Do you find it|Would it be} another {smoke|cigarette|smoke a cigarette|work on environments with high a/c|emissions|exhalation} {screen|display|display screen|computer screen|filter|tv} {to promote|to advertise|to market|to enhance|in promoting|to develop} {useless|worthless|vain|hopeless|of no use|pathetic} {guides to|is to} {distressed|anxious|frantic|fraught|disposessed|tormented} {individuals|persons|an individual|human beings|some individuals|women and men}?
I’m {keen to|want to} {get a|get those|experience a|buy the|use the|negotiate a} {process to|procedure to|method to|approach to|way to} {commence|start up|initiate|get started|start out|set out} {my own|personal|the|a specifc|a|my personal} {personal|individual|private|special|intimate|individualized} {work At Home business|home business|work from home}, and {affiliate promotion|affiliate marketing} {seems|appears|might seem|looks like|even|sounds} {wise|clever|good|intelligent|best|a good idea} {since there is|as there is|because there is} {virtually no|very few|absolutely no|simply no|hardly any} {startup|start up|set up|start-up|initial|ground floor} {expense|expenditures|outlay|price|added cost|detriment} (I’m {broke|damage|break|crack|bankrupt|smashed}). {Is this|Is that this|Is the|Is it|Are these claims|Is this fact} anything {likely to|more likely to|prone to|very likely to|about to|planning to} {bring in|usher in|herald|generate|yield|return} {a real|a true|a truly great|an amazing|an authentic|a genuine} {cash|income|hard cash|capital|cashflow|instant cash}?