Q&A: What is a good resource to learn internet marketing?

{Question|Enquiry|Query|Main question|Primary question|Worry} by Bic: {Just what is|What is|Exactly what is} {a sensible|a wise|a smart|a realistic|a reasonable} {resource to|way to} {find|see|seek|come by|come across|look up} {web advertising|online advertising|internet advertising|advertising}?
{I am|I’m|I am personally|I appear to be|I get|We’re} {seeking to|wanting to|inspired to|looking|commited to|proceeding to} {start|launch|begin the process of|get started on|kick off|start off} {an online|an internet|a web|an internet based|a web based|a web-based} {company|firm|service provider|enterprise|business enterprise|business organisation} {and want|and need|and would like|and hope|and you need|and wish} {To understand|To comprehend|To grasp|To learn|To know|To figure out} {more information on|more about} {web advertising|online advertising|internet advertising|advertising}, {what is a|what exactly is a|lets firstly consider what is a|ok so what exactly is a} {top-notch|high-caliber|superior|worthwhile|well known|best selling} {resource|source|supply|website|site|emergency resource} {because of this|due to this|as a result of this|on account of this|owned to this|so}?