#BestOf2013 My Favourites of 2013 from Client Services Director Sarah Beeskow Blay

What a fun year it’s been for content, am I right? To be tasked with picking my very favourite and the best of the bunch was not an easy task. But alas, here we go – I’ve shuffled through the Shareist Bookmarklets I’ve collected throughout the year and pulled out  my 14 favourites of 2013. Enjoy!


Rentrak Adds Mad Men Marketing to Client List with Local Market TV Ratings Agreement

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. {12|over twelve|over 12|13|twelve|16}, {2013|next year|this year} /PRNewswire/ {–|or} Rentrak ({RENT|Rental|Payments|Keep|Make rental payments|Rental payments}), {the leader|one} {in precisely|in absolutely|in accurately|in definitely|in correctly|in exactly} {measuring|that measures|collecting|gathering|estimating} {pictures|images|pics|photograph|images and photos|snapshots} {and TV|and television} everywhere, now {declared|stated|confirmed|reported|named|stipulated} a {multi|multiple|numerous|innovative|adjustable|multi-ply} {year|12 months|yr|season|summer|spring} StationView {Essentials|Necessities|Specifics|Facts|Information|Fundamentals} {contract with|shrink|opt for the} {Mad|Angry|Furious|Sore|Silly|Round the bend} {Men|Guys|Males|Gentlemen|All men|Adult males} Marketing, Inc., {that may|that could|which could|which hopefully will|that could possibly|that may possibly} {use|employ|utilize|choose|try|operate} Rentrak’s…
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