Question by 52donnie: Is there any viability to MLM marketing?
I believe in the concept of MLM marketing but in my search of MLM companies I find that the products are either a bunch of garbage or they are overpriced from the point of origin. An MLM company will charge a distributor a so-called wholesale price for a product when in fact the price is higher than it should ever be at the retail level.
Is there a genuine MLM company that has a product that isn’t overpriced at it’s point of origin,–a product that can be demonstrated to others?

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Answer by Big R
You’re smart. There are a few companies that use MLM as a business model that are legit. But as you found out, most of them are useless. They usually sell products that are readily available anywhere for high prices. Recently someone tried to get me to sell vitamins that were formulated according to astrological signs. Hilarious man! If you’re really interested in MLM, why not start a legit one? For fun, google MLM and scam.
It’s almost impossible to maintain. Unless you’re realistic about the product and the income potential. P.S. Tupperware and Avon are legit MLMs.

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