Monitoring your brand on social media is crucial for your online reputation. Using social media does provide a wonderful Monitor-Brandplatform to bring brand awareness. It is important to understand that every interaction in social media will help you become visible on the online world.  Focusing on your brand and making sure you address any negative issues is vital for the success of your company. By leaving un-address issues online can break your brand.

I have composed a list of various tools to help you search for any mentions of your brand in social media.

Twitter is one of the most powerful ways today to keep your visitors updated with the latest changes of your brand.  Twitter has over 200 million users that are posting just about anything on a regular basis. Twitter users post anything from news, trends, style, and even complaints about services or products.  The mere fact that Twitter users post negative reviews of different companies might make you curious to check your brand mention. Using will allow you to search by twitter username, specific topic, a person, name of a product, or a hash tag.

Did you know Google has a separate search engine tool for blogs? Using Google Blog Search is a powerful tool to help you find where your brand has been mention.  You will be able to search for blogs or blog post and narrow them down by dates. Use to start your search today.

The Google Alerts Tool is a great way to search for brand mentions within 24 hours.  There are many advantages of searching for your brand within the first 24 hours or even sooner in the web world.  It is also a great strategy to use for link building tactics. If you find a website who mentioned your brand you can send them a short email thanking them and asking for a link in return.  Majority of the time if you ask nicely they will include a link to your site. For obvious reasons you also want to make sure to find all mentions to address any complaints before it becomes viral and too late. To search for any mentions within Google Alerts visit

Google Real Time is another great tool to use for brand mention.  Basically you can search for anything at the moment it has been released in the Internet.  You will be able to search any post and article within seconds it goes live. The additional feature of Google Real Time is searching by location or time. You can find this great tool by visiting

Facebook has over a billion users and it keeps increasingly growing everyday. Searching for brand mention in Facebook is important because you might run into a fake account impersonating your business.  To do a search for brand mentioning, all you have do is visit and enter your brand name in the search box. The search will pull up all Facebook Profiles and Facebook Fan Pages that mention your brand. If you find a fake Facebook Account impersonating your brand or business make sure to make a complain with Facebook directly.

Searching for brand mention in Myspace is similar to Facebook steps.  Searching for brand mention in is simple, just log in to your account, and enter your brand name in the search box.  The search will pull up all brand mentions of your business. The same rules applies as Facebook if you find any profiles personating your brand then you need to report it to Myspace.  By monitoring your brand you can respond to any queries quickly.

YouTube is another powerful social media tool that has over a billion users.  Checking for your brand mention in YouTube is similar to the other social media tools.  To conduct a search simply go to   enter your brand in the search box. The search box will bring back all the results if your brand has been mention at YouTube.  The same rules apply if you find any complaints or profiles impersonating your brand make sure to take the necessary steps to fix it.

Following this tips will help you monitor your brand on social media.  Building your online brand and keeping it protected is crucial for your business to be successful.  Make sure you follow this steps to safeguards your reputation, revenue, and brand.

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