Question by Marcello: Has there ever been 1 in MLM who prepared enough promotion before ever recruiting?
I love to hear from anyone in MLM / Network Marketing which has ever available enough of the products or services to make a great full time living (state at smallest $ 50k/year in gains) before ever recruiting somebody into their down line.

The obvious feature of the query is always to help refute that MLMers only genuinely create cash by recruiting. Say it ain’t so. Additionally, what product or service did you promote?
Aircoole – see Avon.
Jay S – you hit the nail on the head.

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Response by aircooledheaven
By description, accomplishment in MLM will only be attained by recruiting, not advertising merchandise. You will need to deliver 100s of brochures in a significant hit rate to generate any sales in any way. In the event you get a customer found on the hook they typically buy when every 3rd brochure, hence you exercise the maths. Sorry however there is no these thing as a free lunch. Did you ever meet an Amway/Betterware etc spokesperson? What exactly is the initially matter they attempted to do? Sell you a bottle of detergent or recruit you to ‘financial freedom’?

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